Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creating an Educational Poster

Generating ideas for mark, logo and name. I started by sketching out some of these ideas:

I showed these sketches to the students and had them start trying to letter in interesting ways. Using color instead of black and white, like the early stages with this group was a big help; the students were much more enthusiastic about color.

Next up, I worked with three students to get feedback on what would make a good poster explaining the oil cycle and sustainable cycle. Theses were their suggestions: 
  • Bullet points
  • Larger than US letter size
  • Clear drawings, less photographs
  • Fewer links
  • More breathing room, less cluttered lay out
I then had them thumbnail some layouts for the poster after sketching a few examples for them.
here are some pages from that session:

From here I was able to start sketching some elements out and begin on the poster, here are those sketches (my favorite to draw were the oil rigs):

The first draft of the poster:

Second draft:

We will be showing this to the students today to get more feedback and ideas for a mascot to go in the space below the logo. We will also get feedback from some chemists to make sure our wording is clear, and gives enough information.


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