Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New ideas for sustainability design

After met with Melodee and heard the feedback of my last poster design, I took another direction to create something more fun and using my real style.

I'm going to create a stationary collection for kids which matches the sustainability topics.

Below are my new sketches and ideas for the future design. They might be applied to different surface and product. 

Farnsworth: Sustainability poster revised version& product application

This is the revised version of the sustainability poster. I added some leaves in the background to indicate the green source which the ipod connected with. I also spent lots of time on the ipod screen detail to make it more connecting to the sustainability topic.

Then I tried to apply my design to different products.


iphone case

iphone case detail

greeting card

another iphone case version

Standford's Polymer Group

Student's divided in three groups to work on their final assignment in their focus groups. Using their sketch books, talking to the MCAD interns and the chemists to help develop the final. My group focused on presenting Polymers, what they are and why it is important to the us to know.

Here are the student's sketches.




Base off of the student's work these were the outcome sketch
My Sketch
This was the final sketch

Farnsworth: sketches about favorite things&poster design

Students were asked to draw down their favorite things. Below are their sketches.
I've noticed music and electric devices like Ipod were in the list a lot. This inspired me to create my poster using music notes and Ipod as my main characters.

This is my first draft of the poster:

I took the design back to class to get students' feedback.
They all love this idea. And one of them suggested me to add a rainbow behind.
I also got feedback of the main and background color from them, which are green and blue.

This is my color version of the poster.

Farnsworth: infograph sketches

Below are the infograph sketches of students in Farnsworth school. Students use their creative ways to express the outcome of take-home cleanser experiment.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Students conduct a homework assignment. The came back with notes or sketches of their observations. Designers introduced students to infographs. Info Graphs is an illustration or design that helps depict information through art.

Students presented their work and critiqued each other. The class took a vote of the ones they thought was more appealing. The designers took home the sketch books and finalized the students infographs.

This is a student's sketch that inspired me to do my infograph.
Jonathan M

This is the outcome. I used the characters and modified them. The platform that the characters are standing on is supposed to look similar to a a bar graph. Students were exited when they saw their work in final form. I left the image white and black so the students could color it. Students got to critique the Designers final. I got a lot of great feedback. The students loved the illustration, but it didn't have a lot of information. They suggested I had a banner that said "The Faster Cleaner Race" which I thought was a great idea.
This activity at the end became quite successful and got the students very excited and active.