Tuesday, May 7, 2013

P1 - Progress

Progress of the first poster. Iim just playing around right now. I'm torn between adding minimal color as I intended or adding this overlay of color to the entire panel. Like in the photo below.

Sketches - The Chemist


Zine Progress and Pattern

I finally got my blog access to work yay! So here is some of my progress work from the weeks.
I'm decided to create a zine the folds out into a poster.
Here is the poster illustration work in progress.

An otter trying to help another out of a plastic bottle holder. This is the poster part of the zine.
An here is the swatch of my pattern.
This pattern which was apart of my recycle poster, will probably be used a background or border for the other side of the poster, where all the information about recycling plastics will be.

Sounds a bit confusing right now but the final will be easier. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The new pattern design I'm working on

I have designed a new pattern for my stationary collection based on the theme of sustainability.
Here are the sketches and the final outcome.

And I've applied the design onto ipad case and skin. Because right now more and more schools are introducing ipad into the class, I think it is a good idea to apply the theme onto the ipad surface.


After talking to the kids and finding out the things that they liked (animals, sports, electronics) and what colors and ideas they would want me to work with.

During the first presentation I had this:

The Idea was to have an animation that easily told the concept of sustainability and why you should care about it.

After meeting with the people from the center of sustainable polymers and listening their critique I decided to change my idea. Now I am making posters


Work in progress

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New ideas for sustainability design

After met with Melodee and heard the feedback of my last poster design, I took another direction to create something more fun and using my real style.

I'm going to create a stationary collection for kids which matches the sustainability topics.

Below are my new sketches and ideas for the future design. They might be applied to different surface and product. 

Farnsworth: Sustainability poster revised version& product application

This is the revised version of the sustainability poster. I added some leaves in the background to indicate the green source which the ipod connected with. I also spent lots of time on the ipod screen detail to make it more connecting to the sustainability topic.

Then I tried to apply my design to different products.


iphone case

iphone case detail

greeting card

another iphone case version