Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Illustrating A Lesson Part I

Based on my experience working with the first group of kids, I wrote out a lesson plan similar to what we had the first group do, but with more emphasis on the ideas of metaphor and symbolism.
The lesson plan is laid out in a zine with five illustrations.
I am still working on the zine, but you can check out these progress shots and the illustrations.

work space-in progress painting

I tried to capture the the intended audience in the illustrations and based the characters off of the kids we worked with. The color palette is bright and tertiary to create an inviting dimension to  effectively communicate ideas. The loose style I chose to render in is meant to inspire spontaneity and creativity. 

Top left: Front Cover
Left: Half page illustration

The illustration at left visualizes the main concept of the lesson plan, merging to objects into one through drawing or writing to create a new third object.

The lay-out of the zine is simple and airy, to fit with the illustrations, and also not to overpower any creative thoughts the teacher(s) or students may have. I chose a hand drawn font for headings and large text congruent with the illustration style. A simple, easy to read, and classic font is used for all of the body text. The two-style type combination is effective, and again is in line with the rest of the design and imagery. Here's a screen shot of the zine as it stands:

It's a small screenshot, but the general idea is there. While not finished yet, I'm not far from completion either, and am ahead of schedule. Some small decorative elements that are taken from the illustrations will be added in a few spots to finish out the design. These decorative elements could be a class room chair, a bamboo border around some text or some rope looping its way though an open space. If you've got an idea for me or any healthy criticisms, please tell me.


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